Hereford Bound

Last day yesterday as we have to pack up and leave by 10am this morning so we took a wander down to the headland where there appeared to be some completely mad people jumping off rocks! I would like to point out that surfing is about as extreme as my choice of sports gets but this does look rather fun – if you have the guts to do it!

We watched as we thought that was altogether safer, and took in the view and the beautiful colour of the sea – hard to see properly in the pics but gorgeous none the less.

As we returned to our cottage I took a photo of a derelict hotel on the side of the hill (our cottage is just to the right in this picture). Obviously this was a thriving place at one time and the views are stunning so when we got back I did a bit of research and found that it had been for sale at one point recently for 2.5 million pounds and currently someone (presumably with deep pockets) had applied for planning permission to turn it in to an even bigger hotel – not too big though as it will definitely spoil other people’s view!

Although cloudy it was really warm, so I spent a happy hour or two in the newly named “happy hooky house of love” continuing with another blanket that needs finishing – a nice way to spend time on a blustery afternoon – oh and eat cake too!

Off to our yurt now – watch this space – but I hope it stops raining!!!

Craft Hippy xox

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Location:Port Gaverne, North Cornwall

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