Some Sightseeing, the Saddle and Fudge!

We’ve had a couple of days off from the old surfing lark – mainly because of muscle pain and injury (all except Luke) so we have spent a couple of days exploring our surroundings. First off was a trip to Rock – very pretty little village just opposite Padstow on the estuary – amazing bakery and even more amazing Cornish Pasties. But that’s about where my love affair with Rock ends!  I found it over rated, over priced and a bit presumptious but hey, that’s just my opinion!

So swiftly moving on we decided to book ourselves a bike ride and find out what was on the other side of the estuary – Padstein, or rather Padstow!  We discovered The Camel Trail and hired bikes from Wadebridge to Padstow – a distance of about 5.5 miles (so 11 there and back) but all on fairly level ground and a gorgeous ride along the edge of the estuary.
We liked Padstow – it is a bustling town (obviously boosted by Rick Stein’s presence) but there was plenty of other things to see that weren’t to do with him – although I could have spent a fortune in his Deli! We mooched around, got more pasties (!) and then came back on our bikes, so, altogether a good way to spend four hours or so! 
On our way home we found ourselves at a gorgeous pub in St Kew, recommended to us by Lisa and Andrew and I have to say it was very pretty and the beer was good too!
Finally back home via another trip round Port Isaac!  I confess I have fallen in love with Port Isaac and Port Gaverne, where we are staying. They are quieter than places such as Polzeath and Padstow but so quintessentially British and sooooooo pretty. I know that Port Isaac has been given much press due to the filming of Doc Martin (a programme I’m afraid I’ve never seen) but it is just so lovely to meander through the tiny alleyways finding beautiful treasure at the end of these lanes in the form of colourful fishermans cottages or the Port Isaac pottery to name but a few.  And the fudge that we found – all handmade in copper pans apparently – was sublime – I’m not sure it will make it home – I’ve had three pieces already! 
So two days of touristy bliss – more surfing tomorrow though, although I’m still not sure my muscles are up to it!  
Lots of love
Craft Hippy xox

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