Ouch and more ouch!

Everything hurts!  Particularly my arms, legs, chest, feet – ok, well all of it then.  Surfing yesterday didn’t go too well at all actually.  It was not as warm as the day before and chucked it down with rain during the lesson, which was strangely exhilarating, but Luke started to freeze (as there’s nothing of him) so we decided to cut short our lesson by half an hour and go in search of hot chocolate from Vanilla in Polzeath – and very nice it was too!  Not to be deprived of a shopping opportunity we had a mimms around the shops (might have bought a rather gorgeous Lazy Jacks sweatshirt) and then came home to the cottage for lunch.

The sun reappeared for much of the afternoon and as the mood was lazy, we just chilled in the garden soaking up the rays!  We did play a rather good game called “who will back down first” – looking over to Port Isaac there is a steep, very narrow road from the bottom of the bay to the top which is definitely one way traffic only. We spent at least an hour watching cars arguing with each other over which was going to give way first – ahh the little things!
(Middle left in the picture)
This was then followed by a yummy dinner and a cracking sunset (oh, and the odd glass of wine!)  Holiday heaven!
Craft Hippy xox

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