Hard but Hysterical

Surfing that is …….  We arrived at Polzeath beach yesterday full of expectation and competition (did I mention we are all quite competitive) with Little Hippy telling his aged parents that we would be useless at surfing and he would be king!  Mr Hippy had decided to have a bit of a practice before we left the cottage and I noticed that he had packed a woolly hat – not sure why, as well as a pair of snorkelling goggles as he wears contact lenses and was taking no chances!

After getting over the shock of his attire we headed for the Surf’s Up booth on the beach to sign in and were handed something called a wet suit. How does one of these go on?  Well, with difficulty I can tell you – although not for Little Hippy as he is built like a twig.  Eventually we squeezed into them and took our places at the water’s edge (which we had cased earlier to see what all this wave business was about).
After some instruction by the lovely Dee where we were told to “push up, toes up, jump up” – yeah, of course – we entered the water. Sadly it was more like “get on, cling on, fall off, get a whole load of water up your nose” but we persevered and after the two longest hours of my life managed to make some progress.  
There were slightly too many instructions for me to remember all at once – don’t hang on to the side of the board but assume the “chicken wing” (honestly) position, start paddling before the wave then add an extra four paddles when the wave touches your feet, don’t be too far forward (nose dive aka water up the nose) and don’t be too far back (tail dive aka surfboard in your face).
Now this sounds like torture but it wasn’t. It was absolutely BRILLIANT!  We had such a laugh even though we were beyond tired by the end of it – apart from Little Hippy who managed to stand up and look like he’d been doing it all his life. He was definitely king!
I mainly managed getting to the knees stage before falling off but somewhere near the end I was triumphant and made it to the standing position for at least seven seconds before crashing back into the sea. Mr Hippy managed to stand for less time than me (see what I mean about the competitive bit) so it’s all to play for today as we are back again for another lesson – not sure I’ve got the strength so watch this space! 
Love Craft Hippy xox

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