Pretty Perfect Ports

Gaverne and Isaac that is.  Our cottage is nestled in the hillside just overlooking Port Gaverne with a view to Port Isaac from most of the windows. And oh what a view. 

The colour of the sea is almost Mediterranean and the sun is shining most of the time. Youngest hippy has been soaking up the rays and our garden has the perfect little cabin, all ready for some hooky – in fact, the perfect little hooky house!  I shall ban everyone else and take myself there each day to soak up the view and finish my blanket – I’m on a deadline here!

We wandered down to Port Isaac last evening to sit in the little harbour and watch the world go by. It’s such a pretty little port with hustley bustley boats coming and going. We sat on a bench (donated by the local history society) with a glass of wine and watched some fisherman coming in with their catch of sardines. 

Little hippy managed a photo of us both before we went to The Mote in the harbour for a sumptuous meal – I had local lobster – what a treat! We meandered back through the little alleys and lanes, stopping to take in the beautiful sunset. This place is magical.  I like it.  A lot! 

And so day two dawns.  Mr Hippy has made the tea and we are taking in the view once more. Our first surfing lesson today. That should be hysterical so watch this space and catch up later. Lots of love.
Craft Hippy xox (in a very happy place)

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