Time to sort out the Stash!

My yarns have been building up and up in bags in the kitchen until you could barely get past the table, so the time has come to sort it all out and find a home for projects not ‘currently’ on the go!

This is not helped by my overwhelming desire to add to my stash at every opportunity – well, I can’t resist a bargain, and I also have another couple of projects in mind to start (like I need more to start!!!)

Trawling the net last week I saw this beautiful 100% Merino on sale at Deramores (although I now see it’s back to full price – so I got even more of a bargain)and I couldn’t resist!

How gorgeous are these colours?  I am planning to make a long rectangular shawl type thingy that I can wrap round me when I’m watching telly, or hooking in the Winter (my house is freezing!) I don’t have a pattern in mind but want to try a stitch I found recently on a blog I follow called Moogly. It’s called leaping stripes and blocks and there is a video tutorial which makes it really easy to see what to do – fantastic – so check it out!

Not content with one project I have also recently downloaded another fantastic pattern from the very talented Susan Carlson at Felted Button on Ravelry and got myself some (more) yarn, again from Deramores, this time King Cole Comfort Aran

So I am hoping to experiment with her rather odd looking stitches in the Crazy Good Mat & Blanket pattern – I hope I can get the gist!

So finally to the point of this post – I waffle on so much! -Here is my stash, all neatly sorted in my workroom.

Yes, I know there is enough to open a shop and to add to this problem, now that it is out of sight (rather than in the kitchen) I will probably forget what I’ve got and then go and order some more!  Yarn is a bit like handbags though – you can never have enough!

Lots of love,
Craft Hippy xxx

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