Eeek – Baby imminent and I’ve not finished it!

My cousin’s daughter’s (does that make her my second cousin?) baby is due soon so I need to get a wiggle on and finish the blanket I am doing for the baby.  I had made all the small squares (with flower squares at each corner)as per part of the pattern (Camellia)in the rather lovely Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench here.  But in my normal fashion I always have to change bits of patterns and I wanted to have some rows of double crochet (tr in the UK)in between the squares. This will also make it a bit bigger – it’s not that big to begin with!

So after much deliberations, I decided the easiest way to do this was to increase the size of each square but with a simple dc in rows rather than clusters as in the granny square design.

I rather like the way it has turned out!  I just have to do all the borders and then sew them all together (I think with a sc raised border to the front)

I am taking this project on holiday to Cornwall next week so there should be some opportunity to finish it whilst watching the sea with a glass of vino in my hand – let’s hope for good weather!

Craft Hippy xxx

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