Busy Bee

Apologies for my tardiness when it comes to this latest post – life has been so hectic for the past couple of weeks – especially at work – that I’ve not found the time to sit down with my computer!  

So apology over – I have found a brilliant new crochet book (not that I don’t already own oodles of them!) but this one is absolutely brilliant if, like me, you have been crocheting a while (couple of years) but still seem to know nothing!

This is Crochet Step by Step by Sally Harding and I bought mine from Amazon. It contains various sections including information about yarn types

How to mix and match colours

How to understand stitch diagrams (as well as the written instructions)

As well as twenty rather lovely patterns to follow in the last section, including these gorgeous booties!

What’s not to like?  And all in easy to read English with clear and colourful photographs of basic stitches as well as more complicated edgings and lacework.

Something for everyone then – definitely – it has been a useful source for me – going over basic stuff but also showing a picture so that you cement it in your mind.  And all for £8.96.  What a bargain!

Love Craft Hippy xxx

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