Google Friend Connect – What happens to all my lovely blog friends?

Now I like a bit of order in my life but I have clearly had my head in the sand for a while as I have only just realised that on 1st July Google Reader is no more. This wouldn’t normally bother me in the slightest but that also means the demise of Google Friend Connect so I won’t be able to follow my favourite blogs and other people won’t be able to follow me!  This makes me a little bit in need of coffee!

However, help is at hand as I have found a brilliant solution to this problem on the lovely Bloglovin’ – which I now use to follow all my lovely bloggy friends – it’s free, sleek and verrrry nice! Some very kind person has posted a way to import your Google Friends (I have 47 – not many I know, but it’s a start and I don’t want to lose them!) here, so thank you Miss Drifted Snow White (great name for a blog). Normal service will be resumed!

Have a nice day y’all!
xx Craft Hippy xx

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