5:2 Diet – Day Four Approaches

But not four days consecutively I might add!  Me, husband and friend at work are all in this together and on the whole it seems to be a success.

Tea-time on fast days are proving the worst time for me.  I came home on Tuesday from work to find Mr Hippy cooking a vegetable broth and thought to myself – that can’t contain many calories, surely, but when I worked it out it was 67 – now that’s 67 from a total of 500, which, when you add in a smidge of chicken becomes 167 – you see where I’m going with this – it doesn’t leave much for anything else.

(Not)in the true spirit of the diet I saved up some calories and went to bed last night with a cup of coffee (dash of milk) and a Garibaldi biscuit – just the one mind – and lay there nibbling with a naughty grin on my face.

I will say one thing though – you feel wonderful the next day – presumably your body has spent so little time processing food and can get on with repairing itself – well that’s the theory anyway.

I’m changing tack tomorrow and eating breakfast as late as I can – muesli, apple, blueberries, orange juice and a dollop of yogurt (154 calories) – won’t leave much for tea!!!

Craft Hippy xxx

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