5:2 Diet – Day One

Having stuffed myself last night before bed (stupid, I don’t know why) I woke up this morning with positive feelings about eating next to nothing all day!

First up was breakfast at 7.45am.  I had a soft boiled egg (from one of my girls, of course) with a handful of asparagus – youngest son just looked at me in a weird way and couldn’t get his head round eating green things at that time of the morning.  He was tucking into crunchy nut cornflakes which just made me drool! Anyway off to work.

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t at all hungry until about 11.30am – but that seems to be what happens if I eat protein for breakfast – if that had been porridge I would have been eating paper by then.

But I was so good and had lots of white tea with elderflower and mint tea and a cup of coffee (but I think that was my undoing). The hunger seemed to come and go in waves so after (non-existent) lunch – actually, I tell a lie, I did have a small stick of celery and a piece of cucumber as my friend who I sit next to is also on the diet and I nicked hers – I went to buy some sugar free sweets (6 calories each) to help this afternoon.

So here we are now – 7pm and I am about to tuck into a chicken stir fry (no carbs) although I have cooked rice for my boys with theirs.

Has it been ok – yes, I guess mainly it has.  Can I do this two days per week – yes, I guess mainly I can.  I am looking forward to normal food tomorrow though!

Craft Hippy xx

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