Nothing Quite Like Norwich!

I don’t normally highlight my birthday – especially the older I get, but Mr Hippy and I went out on Saturday night into Norwich for a lovely meal to celebrate.

A taxi dropped us off at 5pm (we live about 12 miles from the city) and we had the chance to walk around a bit before theΒ champagne flowed!!

I have quite forgotten how beautiful Norwich is – the weather doesn’t look that pretty but the architecture was – we started off in St Andrews and walked down to the river, via London Street and all around Tombland..

We even caught a Swan near the bridge that had made a nest

although I’m not sure I would want to be on the wrong side of her!

We strolled around, admiring the view and came back to where we started via Elm Hill – one of the oldest streets in Norwich which dates back to Tudor times and is often used as a film set with its “Olde Worlde” charm and medieval buildings

It still has its original cobblestones (which wasn’t much fun in birthday wedges but I managed to keep to the tiny pavement at the side!)

We finished up at a gorgeous restaurant for my birthday surprise, Bishop’s in St Andrew’s Hill where the food was amazing and the company even better! Β Here’s to next birthday!

Craft Hippy xxx

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