5:2 The Fast Diet – starting tomorrow!

I never thought I would be blogging about a diet – more of a crochet/cappuccino/large piece of cake girl myself but I’ve decided to join the many who are intermittent fasting on The Fast Diet – not just to lose a bit of weight but for the many health benefits this diet seems to offer.

I shall be regaling you with tales of hunger and how I conquered them, tips and recipes I am using and would welcome any feedback and comments.

I am a (not always) normal mum in her forties who wants to blog about whether this works and to share my experience with anyone in the ether who comes across my blog and wants to join in.  So watch this space…..

I shall be following the guidelines (500 calories per day for two days per week) then no dieting the rest of the time – you can already see the appeal can’t you?

For those of you who are interested the Fast Diet book is widely available – I got mine from Amazon.  

So buckle up – it could be a bumpy ride and feel free to join in via comments or your own experience.

Day One Tomorrow! 

Jane xx

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