4KCBWDAY2 A Mascot Project

So today we have to think of a project, either real or imagined which encompasses the house we have chosen! I’m a bee, if you tuned in yesterday, so my project is easy as it’s the one I’m currently working on!

As a member of the Bee house, I want to flit between projects and am attracted by bright shiny things but I have managed to encompass all of these into my Random Stitch Blanket which I am step-by-stepping on my blog if you are interested, here.

Not content with one type of stitch or one colour, this project encompasses both and gives me the opportunity to try a different technique/stitch/colour on each and every row – Bee Heaven!

I would like to take all the credit for this project but I’m afraid I can’t.  I follow a lovely blog called little woollie and have been crocheting along with her random stitch blanket along with other people and post progress here.

So anyway, here we are – if anything encompasses the definition of the bee then this does – as you can see there’s a long way to go but a start is a start!

What’s your house say about you?

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