Sunshine Makes Me Happy

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.  Today has been gorgeous in Norfolk, especially after yesterday’s rain, so I decided to give the lawn a going over – first cut of the season.

The daffodils and daisies are finally out (and I have a lot of daisies in the grass) but they are a joy to see, and I don’t care that my lawn is not remotely perfect – we are blessed with a large plot so it kind of is what it is.

Washed all the bedding today and managed to get it outside on the line so I am looking forward to climbing into crisp sheets tonight that smell of Spring!  Better than any fabric conditioner you can buy.

Tomorrow also promises to be a good day which is great because youngest hippy has a footie match and I’m sick of freezing to death every time I go to see him play.

My girls were having a huge amount of fun in the sunshine today as well, scrabbling about under the hedge giving themselves dust baths – I should think they were keen to feel the sun on their feathers and they are very entertaining to watch – real time wasters.

Talking of time wasting – I have only managed another row on the random stripy blanket so pop over to that page if you are following my progress – click on the link top right!

Sunshine makes me happy!

Craft Hippy xxx

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