Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Dare I say it?  Has it finally happened?  I got the feeling yesterday for the first time this year that Spring may finally be here.  The sun was shining and the daffs were just about poking up through the soil – not worth a photo though, so I thought I would include one from April 2012 – just look at the difference!

So lighter nights and a bit of sunshine has got me all fired up for a bit of Spring hooky!  And so to my next project – well several really but they are all still mostly in my head.  I did however get started on my granny stripe blanket (beginning of pattern courtesy of Attic24) but I think I’m going to change it a bit.

I chose my colours first – just played around with them until I liked the combo!

and then I started with my verrrrryy  looooonnnngg chain (180 in total) and had to be really careful on the first row to make sure that I got the count right

but once I got going it was fine.  A good tip is to use lots (and I mean lots) of those lovely little stitch holder/counter thingies – I’ve just bought some more as they come in mighty useful.

I put them in the chain, every 10, so that I know that I’ve made the right amount and this really helped when I did the first row so that I could count from the last marker rather than from the beginning of the chain each time.

Anyway, I have done two rows of each colour so far and think I might put a row of single crochet (US terms) of each colour after I have completed all the colours as granny clusters,  but watch this space.

Off to walk the dog now (as it’s my day off) so lots of happy hooking later!

Craft Hippy 

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