Some Of My Suppliers

I thought it would be nice to give some of my suppliers a mention – not the big ones, you understand – they have PR departments and huge marketing budgets so they can do their own publicity! – but the little ones who have supplied me with some gorgeous goodies to use in my crafts.

This post is a shout out for Lupin Handmade – run by Laura Howard – who makes the most beautiful felt designs and turns them into brooches, but who also sells felt supplies – to me – among other people I am sure!

The choice of felt is huge and the colours are gorgeous.  She has done all the hard work for you by selecting packs of felt in various colours otherwise the choice is too much.  You can also get embroidery thread from her website, which is on my “to buy” list.

As well as all of this, Laura has written a book called Super Cute Felt, so check out her website and have a look at all the goodies.

Craft Hippy xx

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