Do You Do It Standing Up?

I bet you thought I was being mucky!  Or is it that you have a mucky mind!  What I am referring to, dear readers, is sewing.  You see, I do it standing up!  Now this may sound odd but I’ve been doing it standing up for so long now, that I don’t think I could do it sitting down, even if I tried.

Since working for the lovely Lisa Dawson Soft Furnishings based in North Norfolk – take a look at her new website by clicking the link or better still pop into the shop if you are passing (which I understand might be difficult for some of my readers, especially the one in the Ukraine) – I have had to get used to sewing, upright, at a work table.  You see, we make beautiful curtains and blinds and those of you who know a bit about sewing will know that firstly, it is crippling trying to make curtains on the floor and secondly, once all the layers are together they need to stay together otherwise you have yourself a hanging disaster.  So you need to sew them straight from the worktable i.e. standing up!

I have to admit, when I was first asked to do this it was hopeless and after a couple of hours I felt like I needed a hip replacement but you get used to it fairly quickly and, apart from the hip issue, it is actually very comfortable as you are not bending over or hunched up or in a similar uncomfortable position.  So there you have it – the result is beautiful, straight, perfectly sandwiched layers of gorgeous curtains or blinds, all perfectly square and sewn in the vertical position.

So how do you do it?  I’d love to know so leave a comment – and please keep it clean!

Craft Hippy xx

One thought on “Do You Do It Standing Up?

  1. HA HA! Clean sewing! I do sit in a comfy chair but can see where standing would work. Especially, for large pieces of fabric. I worked in a sewing place and we had high stools that were consistant with the cutting table height. I don't remember if anyone stood though.


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