A Card Frenzy! (I think I’ve taken creative pills!)

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days but I have got a lot done on the greetings cards front with quite a few in production now.

As you know, I only had four listed in my shops so thought that looked a bit pathetic but the trouble is that the designs take time not only to design (brain freeze) but also to make.  Once they are complete it is just a matter of photographing or scanning (a whole separate blog entry I think) and then printing (another issue altogether!)

I got all inspired by the thought of spring and wanted to do some simple designs (a la folk art theme) so plumped for a single flower.  Instead of making the design and then printing it I decided to sew straight onto the card – not very many other people seem to use this method, hence a good USP – and here are the results – I’m very pleased with the outcome I must say.  I was even more pleased when one of the orange flower cards was sold on Etsy about half an hour after listing it – if only all sales were that quick!

I then moved on to some Mother’s Day designs and a New Home design, both of which are simple (there’s a theme here isn’t there!) as well as producing some nautical notelets (good alliteration) in red, white and blue.  Joking aside, I don’t personally like crowded greetings cards – one simple strong design does it for me, which is very helpful if you can’t draw (which I can’t). My notebook looks a bit tragic but I know what I want to produce and thankfully this seems to work when translating my ideas to fabric – just as well really!

Take a look in my shops to see the cards in situ – links at the top of the page – feel free to buy some as well if the mood takes you!  Until next time…

Craft Hippy xxx

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