Greetings Cards on Folksy, Etsy and WowThankYou

Finally I have now managed to make some designs for my cards, actually make them into cards and list them in my three shops – that is a tedious process when you do it first time, but I assume that it gets easier the more you do!

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I could spend every waking moment on my Mac, writing, blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking (is that a word?) and listing items and then never have time to make anything!  Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it as I also try to get on the forums for Etsy and Folksy as this seems to make a huge difference to sales – the more you chat the more people check out your shop and hopefully buy something.

And do you know what, it certainly is!  I listed my four new greetings cards designs on Friday just gone and on Sunday night a lovely lady bought three cards from my Etsy shop.  Not a bad start eh!  I am not getting too excited though as this happened to me when I very first set up my shop and that was the only sale I had, but here’s hoping.

So now I have four designs listed and I am very proud of them all.  They are all different and I can’t wait to add some more – just need to make the pictures first though.  A small shout out for one of the lesser well known (but hopefully not for long) websites where I sell my wares.  WowThankYou is a really lovely website, full of gorgeous stuff, so take a look at mine (obviously) but also lots of other people and the beautiful work they produce.  In fact I may well blog a favourites from WowThankYou to get you all going!

Anyway here are my four designs with links to the shops – I have divvied them up equally so all my shops get a mention.  Comments, as always, very welcome.

Jane xxx

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