Coastal Walk in a Cloudless Sky

What a truly beautiful day I’ve had today.  I decided that all the boring stuff could wait (even though I only have Mondays to fit in all my craft/home/chores as I work the other four days) and went for a walk.

Not just any old walk mind, but a beautiful 9.6 miles along the North Norfolk coast, and all to help my friend Sarah Morgan get fit for her trek to the Himalayas in April, in aid of Big C – Norfolk’s Cancer Charity.  She has got together a group of girlies to keep her company – of which I was one – and it was really refreshing to meet some new people, from all parts of the country (who have all ended up in Norfolk) and go for a walk along the coast.

West Runton Beach

We started out at West Runton and walked along the beach to Sheringham, where we felt the need to stop for coffee and scones – to recharge the batteries, you understand, and then walked along the cliff top over the Beeston Bump (through the golf course) to Weybourne.

There was a keen wind (thankfully I was wearing my rather stupid (but warm) hat) but we didn’t seem to pay that much attention as the view was breathtaking and we were too busy talking!

Beeston Bump

Once at Weybourne we had planned to get the coastal hopper bus back to West Runton, but had just missed it so decided to walk back to Sheringham and get the bus there.
Weybourne Beach
A short hop on the bus and we were back at West Runton to pick up the cars.  I took Monty, my golden Labrador with me and he couldn’t believe his good fortune at such a long walk – even though he spent lots of time pulling me along and wandering perilously close to the edge of the cliffs!  My legs are starting to ache now but I feel as if I have had a good day of exercise to clear away the cobwebs.
So thank you, lovely ladies, and I look forward to another hike in a couple of week’s time!
A very tired Craft Hippy xxx

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