Busy Week at The Old Friendship

What a busy week it’s been!  No wonder I haven’t had time to blog here!  However, I have just blogged for Town & Country, which should be up soon, on the question of how to plan for the summer vegetable garden but apart from that it’s been sewing all the way!

Monday saw me and my partner in craft crime, Lucy, trying to perfect our first greeting card from a textile picture I have already created (see a few posts ago for pics).  I enhanced the image on the software that I have and then we had a go at printing in various ways to see what looks best.  I am quite pleased with the results but we now need a couple of other designs before we road test them with friends and family to see their reaction.

The rest of the week has seen me sewing in various places, back at work on Wednesday at Lisa Dawson and then out doing alterations and measuring for new jobs on Thursday and Friday.  No time to do anything else during the week, so have taken today to unpick my existing sofa cover so that I can make a template for a new sofa cover.  I have cut out all the pieces and then overlocked them – which is a bit tedious, I can tell you – but they are now ready to be assembled by a work colleague – I am not sure I am capable of doing it myself, but will hopefully watch and learn!


Just the cushions to go (tomorrow) along with a huge pile or ironing (only saving grace there is the omnibus edition of The Archers to listen to) and then off to watch mini-Hippy play footie in a cup match.

Hope your week has been less full on than mine, but hopefully it will be calmer next week.  I am off walking on Monday with my friend Sarah Morgan, so will fill you in then.

Take care,

Craft Hippy xx

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