Drunk Chickens – Now There’s A Sight!

Oh my goodness – it’s all been a bit stressful because I think my chickens are drunk!  I alluded to this a few days ago, but they are at it again.  They have free reign at our house which means they get to go from the shed in which they live and scratch about under trees, shrubs and generally have a good time but I fear that they now need to be confined to barracks, at least for the time being.

Poor Dorcas!

The minute they get out in the morning they head for the apple tree near the patio and then seem to spend the rest of the day there, pecking, being noisy and sitting down.  I assumed they were just being friendly but after Dorcas (the grey one) started staggering around on the patio, I thought that something must be the matter.

The Girls

On closer inspection, I noticed that the apples are starting to rot – nothing odd in that, except that I think the chooks are eating the rotting apples which are fermenting, so maybe the chickens have overdosed on cider!  There’s a ring leader, of course.  There always is!  Mine is Pearl – a big fat white chicken who makes the most noise and is always leading the charge.  Closely followed by her best friend, Ruby (also white) with Margot and Barbara (the Black Rocks) in attendance close behind.  Poor Dorcas gets left behind somewhat and this was the case yesterday evening (well, dusk).

As usual the others had found their way back to the shed to bed down for the night but poor Dorcas seemed a bit disorientated and was pecking about on the patio.  When I say disorientated, I actually mean swaying, and every time she came up to the glass of the patio doors she kept going, thereby head butting the glass.

Pearl – The Ring Leader

Mr Hippy and I had to go to the rescue, but by this time Dorcas was a bit stressed – and so were we as she is not an easy bird to catch.  At one point she even tried to fly into a tree – not a pretty sight and thankfully as she was a bit winded I managed to grab her and stuff her under my arm!

Back to the shed for her!  This morning I had a good clear up, raking out old straw and sawdust – an unpleasant job that needs to be done fairly regularly.  I tell you, it’s like Chicken Run in there – I am sure they hold meetings at night to discuss their next adventure and I think they have been moving the eggs!

View from the Shed

To be honest, I thought they had gone off the lay which sometimes happens in the winter, as I was only getting one, maybe two eggs per day out of five chickens, but in the course of my clear up, I found 21 – yes, 21 eggs, all buried in the oddest of places under straw.  So I think they are moving them just to try and fool me!  Unfortunately I had to dispose of them as I wasn’t sure how long they had all been there and I didn’t fancy Salmonella Roulette!

So there you have it – they are now confined to the shed until further notice (or at least until they are sober!)

Craft Hippy

2 thoughts on “Drunk Chickens – Now There’s A Sight!

  1. This post is just too funny! Sounds like you have some really clever & fun loving chicks there.
    I just found you via twitter and will be back to catch up or your sewing.
    til next time,


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