Eureka Moment or Moment of Madness?

Out with the old and in with the new so they say, so the beginning of 2012 heralds a new era for Old Friendship Crafts and a bit of a new direction for the Craft Hippy i.e. me!

Having set up my (albeit) small craft business five years ago, in fact soon after moving to the beautiful part of North Norfolk in which I am lucky enough to live, and having had some success with my endeavours in terms of sales and meeting some amazing people, I felt it was time to move in a new direction and 2012 is just the beginning.

Traditionally I have made country inspired gifts for the home from pinboards and doorstops, cushions, throws and well, practically anything that requires sewing within reason and don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy making these things and will continue to do so as the need (and orders) arise but I wanted to try something new for this year.

I am afraid that I am one of those crafty people that has a great (hopefully) idea, rushes off to my workroom to make it and then feels very proud of it.  The problem starts when I have to make lots of them as I then become a bit bored and wish I was making something else!   This is not ideal, as I am sure you can imagine and I hear you say “well, get over it – not every aspect of running a small business is that rewarding” but I feel that I may have found the answer to my dilemma and so begins my small experiment!

I have always loved the “folk art” look as the designs are simple, clean, colourful and say all things ‘crafty’ to me – in a good way.  And I love creating pictures from fabric – indeed I have had some success with my fabric name pictures as they are fun to do and make a gorgeous new baby or christening gift.  But what I do not have a lot of, at the present moment, is time – as I am busy four days per week working as a seamstress for the lovely Lisa Dawson (fabulous soft furnishings emporium in Aylsham, North Norfolk – check it out if you are passing).  So what can I create that would still be successful in my Folksy and Etsy shops but which I can fit in on my day off and weekends? (as well as looking after the family, of course).

I think I have it ……. and today (as an experiment) I made this out of linen and all my favourite fabric scraps.

Then I free machine embroidered it, having great fun with patterns and colours and all that’s left is to do some hand embroidery to finish it off.  And then I am going to make some greetings cards out of it!

This is my Eureka moment which, now that I have written it down, doesn’t sound much but makes perfect sense in my head.

All the time and effort has been used in designing, creating and making the pictures (which I will frame and offer for sale – or just hang in my house!) and the greetings cards will be available for a lot less money to all of the lovely people who buy my work.  So what do you think, readers?  Comments, as always, will be welcomed and considered.

And a happy New Year to you all too!  Watch this space for future developments.

Craft Hippy xxx

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