Part Time Blogger?

Where did the summer go?  Would someone please tell me as a moment ago it was just before the mini-hippies broke up from school and now they are back in the swing of things with mini-hippy just starting at high school and midi-hippy starting GCSE’s – somehow this is making me feel quite old!

So apologies to anyone who has dipped into my blog over the past couple of months and found nothing new – I sincerely hope to change this going forward, starting now!

Mr Hippy and I have been foraging out in the hedgerows for free food – not that it has necessarily come to that in our household but as there is so much free fruit going begging we thought we should make the most of it.  Book in hand – plug for this as it’s brilliant

Available from lots of place, not least Amazon
we set off to collect ‘stuff’ and came back with huge amounts of blackberries and damsons which are now fermenting nicely in a bid to make Christmas Tipple gifts of fruit liqueur.  We lovingly stir the concoction daily and will soon let it rest until straining and bottling it in December – watch this space for its success.
I have several fairly large craft fairs coming up so am busy in my spare time – not that I get much of that – making items to sell for these and also in my Folksy shop but we are so busy at work making curtains and blinds for the good people of North Norfolk I have to fit in my own sewing in evenings or at weekends – thankfully Mr Hippy is quite happy to let me get on with it – much preferring anything that involves 22 grown men and a small ball!
I am hoping to get some good pictures of my wares and will share them with you shortly.  Until then fellow crafters, have a great week.
Craft Hippy xx

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