Some of My Favourite Things

Following on from my Rag Quilting extravaganza, I am currently making a few other items – cushions and pincushions using this method but as they are going round and round in the tumble dryer as we speak, I though I would blog about some of my other most favourite items, found on good old Folksy – the most fabulous website for buying and selling handmade.  So here goes – I have given a link so any of you can visit the relevant shops.  Happy looking.

This gorgeous purse from Pip Designs is really funky and first came to my attention via the Folksy blog. It has yummy polka dots inside and I am trying really hard not to buy this for myself as it’s so nice!

These cufflinks, from Off The Cuff are the ones that my boys bought their Dad for Father’s Day.  They are so beautifully made and as he loves clocks and wears cufflinks they seemed like the best choice for a gift.

This yummy necklace from Folksy shop MarthaMooBeads is listed as one of my favourite items and may well be winging its way to a lucky friend for Christmas if it is still available.

And finally, for now, this exquisite dragonfly necklace from Fab Flowers, Hearts and Moons which I have bought for my friend’s birthday next month!  Let’s hope she doesn’t read this! Lol xx

I think I might look at some fab pictures from Pinterest next time, so that you can see all the wonderful craft that is out there – keep it handmade!

Until next time,
Jane xx

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