So Where Did Rag Quilting Originate?

A very interesting question you may ask?  Well I am a recent convert as I found pictures of rag quilts on Pinterest, the virtual picture collection website (not described it very well, so check it out!) and I was hooked.  These quilts are amazing and touchy feely and soft and comforting and all sorts of good things so I thought – I have to make one of these.

So I had a very long look on the good old web to see if I could find instructions.  These were abound with my particular favourite via the Creations by Kara blog, so thank you for that Kara.  It appears all the rage in the good of US of A but I couldn’t find much this side of the pond, so thought, I know, gap in the market and all that, I shall make one and see if I get any takers!

My first attempt was admittedly not of quilt size, more like a bathroom mat size, which is fine because I need a new bathroom mat, and I thought that this would enable me to test the water.  So, instructions in hand I set off on this new conquest and I have to admit, I think it worked out rather well.  The colours are divine and the pattern is also yummy and I have to confess that when I first put it together I thought that it didn’t look all that good.  But a turn on a cold wash and 40 minutes on a low tumble dry and the transformation was amazing.  And, apparently they get better i.e more “raggy” and soft and gorgeous every time you wash them.  Sounds good to me.

I even showed Mr Hippy, who is not the crafty type, and he was impressed, so that is saying something. He was so impressed that he told me I was not to put it on the bathroom floor but in my Folksy shop, so that is where it is, for all the world to see, and hopefully buy.  Would appreciate any comments, as ever.  Better make another one now, otherwise my feet will be cold when I get out of the shower.

Love to all
Jane xx

3 thoughts on “So Where Did Rag Quilting Originate?

  1. I really love this quilt it's beautiful, the prints you have chosen work really well together. Think I might have a go myself maybe make some cushions using this technique.


  2. Thanks for your comment Melinda. I hope that you enjoy making a rag quilt as much as I did – it would be great to see your finished quilt so send me a pic when it's done! Jane x


  3. This quilt is beautiful! I love the choice of fabrics. I am working on my second rag quilt and would like to know the origin of the type of quilt. Any information would be helpful. Great job!


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