Yeahh, My First Commission!

Not wishing to boast or anything – oh, go on then, I got a commission, I got a commission!  Can’t believe how happy this makes me although I still haven’t sold anything through any of my online shops but this is a start – maybe!

Anyway, we had our first craft fair of the year in the beautiful village of Hingham, Norfolk and business was quite brisk.  It was only a small village hall affair, but all of the other crafters were really friendly (as always) and Sally who organised the affair was very efficient – there was also lots of tea and cake which is a must at these events.

Anyway, my friend Lucy and I were really happy to be speaking to real people again (our last craft fair was in November) and although I love all my cyber contacts there is nothing like asking people their opinions about your work face to face.  I am happy to report that comments were extremely favourable and my fabric pictures went down a storm.  So much so that a lovely lady asked me to make a fabric picture for a friend of hers who has just had a baby, with the child’s name on. Obviously I agreed and I hope that you like the finished product.

I was so pleased with it that I have decided to offer personalised pictures in the hope that my “unique selling point” will mean that I make that crucial first sale on Folksy, Etsy or my new shop website, WowThankYou.

I would love your comments on the fabric pictures – good or bad – it is always great to get your feedback!

One thought on “Yeahh, My First Commission!

  1. Congratulations on the commission. Your items were beautiful. It was very nice to meet you yesterday…enjoy the rest of the season and good luck with your sales on Etsy, Folksy and your website. I loved that cosy Sally bought.


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