A Spring in my step

I definitely have a spring in my step today – even though our entire family have been suffering with some hideous tonsil virus which involves your tonsils growing to the size of golf balls and hurting like hell – not tonsilitis however (which is treatable) but I digress!

Have been practicing with the new camera (Fujifilm FinePix S1800) and happy to say that I am liking it very much.  Easy to use – point and shoot – but also the ability to change the settings to manual and adjust light, exposure etc etc – all slightly beyond me but I thought it would be a good idea to get a new one (the old one was one step ahead of a Brownie) so that I could get the best from my pics for Folksy and Etsy.

Has a brilliant super Macro setting for close ups!

Anyway, here are a selection.  The garden is looking beautiful in Spring and just starting to shoot buds, flowers, leaves (and weeds) so it will be a job (as always) to keep on top of it but I do love it so much and now that the grass has been cut (took absolutely ages today – thank heavens for iPods) I think it looks amazing.

These look almost edible!

I didn’t know Cherry Blossom could look so gorgeous!
Practicing with the old perspective thing!
Far too much mowing though!
I am not complaining though – I love my garden


Couldn’t leave out my puppy dog, now could I?

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