A Tidy Mind is a Tidy …..

What a day!  It didn’t start well, I might add.  A friend asked me to fix her dog’s bed as the dog keeps eating it (and I keep fixing it) – to be honest it is pretty much past it now as there are holes everywhere and teeth marks.  Anyway I said that I would be happy to fix it and put a few more polybeads in it for good measure.

Dear Lord, who invented Polybeads?  Whoever they were they definitely had a sense of humour!  I thought it would be easy to shove the bag into the other bag and feed them in that way.  WRONG!  In the end I had to do it with cupped hands, whilst cursing about the fact that I was now knee deep in Polybeads and they have a revolting habit of flying up towards the ceiling.  It is also quite windy in Norfolk today and this did not help in the distribution of said Polybeads all over the workroom!  To make matters worse I took off my glasses and put them on the floor – you can see where I’m going with this – well I couldn’t see then, could I, so trod on them and snapped them in half.  So now I am stumbling about, blindly, in a sea of Polybeads.  It was all a bit stressful, truth be known.

After coffee and a sit down I continued with my quest to tidy the workroom.  We had a skip delivered today as we are clearing out lots of accumulated rubbish (mainly the childrens) this weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to sort out all my fabric and get rid of bits and pieces that I didn’t want.

How much fabric does a girl need?  It’s reached obsessional proportions and I have thrown out as much as I kept.  And still I feel that I haven’t quite got enough.  In fact, I know that I will be looking online for some more soon as I am planning a range of doorstops for the summer (now that I have perfected the zip in the bottom and can sell them empty online to reduce postage costs).

At least the workroom looks tidy now, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right.  I keep looking at pictures on other people’s blogs and wish that my studio/workroom looked like theirs.  Of particular note is the workroom of one of my fellow Twitterers  Dots and Spots, or something out of the Ikea catalogue, but as I have to do this as cheaply as possible I would be better to buy a tin of white paint and start there!  I need a bit of inspiration to be honest.

This is especially important as I am hoping to offer craft workshops here in beautiful North Norfolk this summer.  The idea is to offer a session of craft followed by a lovely tea (which Mr Hippy has kindly offered to make) and all for a very reasonable price.

It will be an ideal opportunity for us girls (and boys) to get together, have some fun, learn something new and then eat cake.  Sounds perfect to me, so watch this space.  Incidentally, if you live near me and you are clever and have a crafty skill, let me know as I will be looking for people to take the workshops.  I have sewing covered but would love someone to do felting, or paper craft, or anything that takes your fancy, so do get in touch by leaving a comment.  Alternatively contact me through Twitter or Facebook – links to the right!

I guess I had better get to B&Q then and start painting.  Have a great weekend one and all.

Love Jane x

4 thoughts on “A Tidy Mind is a Tidy …..

  1. Wow, there's something about stacks of colourful fabrics that makes me a little weak at the knees. Nice photos.

    My own craft room is totally out of control. There are boxes of fabric everywhere – partly because half my family is 'crafty' and they all send me stuff. It's great, but I end up with loads of things that don't match with each other.

    Then I forget they exist.

    By the way, I used to live in Norfolk – Norwich area – beautiful countryside. Very inspiring to live in the middle of rolling farm country.


  2. Hey Jane
    I really should get off my behind and come to see you next door…. that way I could inspect the newly tidied work shop and perhaps sample Mr Hippy's lovely tea (btw…. is that an incentive for folk to come to your workshops? Only kidding Mr Hippy!!)

    Maybe I should just send my kids round with a few pots of primary colours and they could decorate your workshop an abstract feel…?

    On a serious note I do know someone who makes jewellery…. beaded stuff. I've got a few of her bits if you want to pop over and see them. I'm not sure if she'd be interested in doing workshops but I could always put you in touch.

    See you soon…. but you might not see me seeing as how you trashed your glasses. I best be even more careful driving round our lanes now, lol!!

    Big hugs, Marie


  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog – I laughed my head off! BTW there is every possibility I might break in and nab those piles of fabrics! Nyum num num num x x x


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