Blogging for Dummies and Blog Roll!

Who’s the Dummy now?

Not exactly a crafty title is it?  However, I have just purchased this book from Amazon and have been slowly wading my way through it in order to glean some information about this blogging lark (seeing as I am new to it).  It’s all a bit daunting to be honest.  The idea seems to be to write a blog, link it to Twitter and Facebook and anywhere else that might be of use, then join forums, follow other people’s blogs and as a result spend 23hours and 48minutes of every day staring at the computer!

Now people who know me will realise that when I decide to take on a project I like to research it a bit, then some more and then more still before doing anything!  As a result I haven’t written a blog post for ages because I’ve been reading the book about HOW to write a blog post effectively, with meaning, in order to keep people’s interest etc and drive traffic to my site.

Not even the right way round!

Don’t get me wrong, the book is really useful and contains good information about lots of things – the problem is with the owner of the book who has now become obsessed with writing styles, comments, how to get comments, what happens if you get bad ones etc etc and the point has been totally missed.

So, last night whilst lying in bed and about to get the 12minutes sleep that is all I can fit in these days,  I had a bit of a Eureka moment.  It’s not rocket science.  Surely I should be blogging about the things that matter to me!  Yes, my work and craft projects, but also other observations that amuse me and therefore might amuse the reader – assuming anyone is reading this anyway – if they aren’t then this is just a huge indulgence on my part!

Blog Roll?

So here is one of many future blogs from the heart.  I have two beautiful sons, aged 13 and 10 but they are boys and therefore automatically come with genetic issues!  They have their own bathroom (very lucky, I know) and I noticed on the way to bed last night that there is an empty toilet roll on the holder by the loo, along with pants, socks, towels and associated detritus on the floor.  Nothing strange you might say (for those of you with boys anyway).  However, the empty toilet roll holder has been present for many days now and hasn’t been replaced with a full one!

How is this possible – they know where the new ones are and they know that it is their responsibility to make sure they have one.  Clearly this is one of their genetic issues.  It is revolting and I am very glad to be a girl.  I am also extremely grateful that I don’t have to share with them.

See you soon and sorry if you were eating. x

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